“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
-Ernestine Ulmer-


Do you have a shop?
We operate online only. 

Do you have cakes for immediately delivery?
We only do pre-orders as we believe in providing customers with the freshest product possible.

Can I try a sample before ordering?
Sure! We will be happy to provides complimentary samples. Contact us for samples here. 

Are you Halal certified?
We are in the process of obtaining Halal certification and will advise once we have been certified.

Where do you bake your Kueh Lapis ?
Our kueh lapis are baked by our partnering bakery in Indonesia and adjusted to suit local Singapore tastes. And imported by Pulau Indah Marketing with import permits from AVA

Baking & Storage

What are the main ingredients?
Our kueh lapis contains flour+eggs+butter+dairy+sugar+spices.

What are the storage recommendations?
Make sure your kueh lapis is cling wrapped so that it retains moisture and remains fresh. Ideally stored at room temperature for not more than 2 days, in the fridge/chiller for approximately 2 weeks, in the freezer for approximately 2 months.

Non-Festive Season orders

Do you take orders outside the festive season?
At the moment we only offer festive season pre-orders as well as at designated times outside the festive season. However, if you are ordering 20 or more cakes we can fulfill orders outside the festive season as well.